Thursday, August 9, 2012


i helped out with a wedding last weekend + the bride had a very complicated bustle to her dress. after i figured it out (thankfully!) i made a mental note to learn more about bustles so next time a difficult one is thrown at me, i'll be able to handle it! there are several different types of bustles, + all of them serve the same purpose : to get the train + extra fabric out of the way so the bride can be more comfortable at the reception. here are the most common bustle types :
the under bustle : or the french bustle, where hooks + loops are placed inside the dress, + when connected create a layered, more poofy look to the back of the dress.
austrian bustle  : a series of loops are added to the back of the dress in a vertical row, + a long string is put in the end of the dress that connects each loop. when you pull the string, the dress bunches up. this pull system is similar to that in shades or blinds. 
over bustle : also known as the ballroom bustle (picture the evil step sisters' gowns in CInderella, you know where it pooches out at the bootie?). the edge of the train is attached to buttons or hoops along the waste line. 
brides! whichever bustle your seamstress chooses, make sure you take someone else (mom, sister, bridesmaid) with you to your last fitting so the seamstress can explain how the bustle works!

have a great thursday!

*leah bell

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