Friday, June 15, 2012

something blue.

its common knowledge that a bride should wear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue on her wedding day. i feel like the first 3 make sense : an old + new something to represent the traditional past + the bright future, a borrowed something to reflect the close friends/family that support the marriage. but where does this blue come from? it turns out, the something blue is a symbol of faithfulness + loyalty, which is pretty important, right? 

this subject definitely has fallen in the "i'll do that later" category for my wedding. but i know time will creep up + i'll wish i had my something blue item squared away. i don't want to do the norm : blue shoes, blue garter, blue hair pins, etc. i'd rather have my little blue item in a unique + unexpected place. so what does that mean? how creative can a girl get with her something blue? it turns out you can get quite creative with the blue on your wedding day.

once i decide on my something blue item, i'll be sure to fill you in. until then, got any ideas?

its almost the weekend!
*leah bell

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